VERANO low-cost houses

VERANO houses


From as little as PLN 205 700 *** TYPE: - LOWER STOCK

Opt for a modern home that is cheap to build and maintain

Build with Golbalux - house construction from 205,700 PLN

Our NEW offer of VERANO houses, is a modern building type: a LEVEL OF STOCK and a great solution for investors who cannot afford a high credit or generally have limited funds for building a house. We understand this perfectly and we go out of our way to meet it.

6 - READY PROJECTS - LEFT BEDROOM with large loft window

6 - READY PROJECTS - LEFT BEDROOM with a small window in the attic

VERANO - perfectly matched surfaces in proven modular and prefabricated technology and at a price that will allow you to fulfil the dream of your own home.

We have been building houses for almost 29 years. We are here to make dreams come true for many of us, including whole families, generations. With Golbalux House Factory, you'll be able to make it happen without a lot of expense and nerves associated with this lifetime investment. What's more, we offer you fixed construction costs from the moment you sign the contract. Thanks to our proven production process and the use of modern technology, we are able to determine them accurately. So why overpay? Choose what is certain.

For our VERANO house you will receive a ready-made design in the price of the house, a considerable saving for everyone.

NEW Universal VERANO design - comfort for everyone

Functional and versatile, VERANO-type buildings are a great solution as a single-storey house and a house with an attic. We can build such a house in two stages. The first one is the ground floor, and after some time we finish the attic. We do not have to spend a larger amount of savings at the start.


VERANO MODERN HOUSE - energy-efficient and economical

PROJECT VERANO differs from the VERDE house in the elevation of the building where the main glazing we have in the gable wall with a possible terrace. There is more light in the living room, and with the open ceiling in the living room this gives a great space for relaxation. The attic rooms are 250 cm high and give great comfort for relaxation with a large window in the gable wall. The designs of these houses are well thought-out spaces that we make in the specific specifications of the proven Golbalux insulation and construction system. We have ensured that the solutions are simple, combined with the economic choice that the builder often faces. This is where value for money comes into play for our clients.


A very energy-efficient wall with a section as follows:





ELEVATION WOLF 100 mm thick


12 mm FERMACELL Gypsum Fibreboard or OSB


CLASS C24 CONSTRUCTIVE WOOD gr. 45/60 mm x 145/160 mm

MINERAL Wool 150 mm thick



FERMACELL 12 mm gypsum fibre board or plasterboard


In each of these projects, we put a well-chosen layout of practically arranged rooms at the users' disposal. Spacious rooms, an attractive living area with an open-plan kitchen connected with the living room, a bathroom with a comfortable surface area - everything that will provide the household members with specific functions needed in everyday life. The price guarantees a mirror-image design.

State-of-the-art technology - durable and secure construction

VERANO houses, are prefabricated and modular houses. Prefabrication is currently a well-known and modern approach in European construction. The entire production process takes place in the factory halls in so-called dry conditions. It is a complete factory production based on professional design software, use of certified timber in C24 class dried chamber and precise processing of construction elements on modern carpentry centres. Whole prefabricated building elements and modules are delivered to the client on site for assembly already at the indicated investment location. Quickly and efficiently. The company's many years of experience in the production of houses on many markets in Europe allow us to ensure high quality in the construction of VERANO houses. Well-chosen technology allows us to ensure lower construction costs for our clients, as well as lower costs of using such a building.

Ecological home, healthy microclimate

VERANO are ecological timber houses, characterised by a healthy microclimate which cannot be provided by houses built using traditional methods. In the construction process we use carefully selected and certified raw materials (including selected wood from Polish forests, most often from the Bieszczady mountains) and high quality materials obtained from reliable suppliers.


Need something more? Have us build to your individual design.

Those interested in bespoke individual designs are welcome to contact our office to prepare an equally attractive offer that will make the dream of a new home come true.

We will also make changes to the VERANO house designs for you according to your needs.

We invite you to visit our Energy Efficient Homes Factory in Wiązownia and Rzeszów.


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  1. The contractor shall provide: - Construction design 3+3 copies

  2. Prefabricated or modular ground floor external walls: - thin-coat render finished with facade primer in white - mineral wool facade 100 mm *** (there is a possibility to make the facade on polystyrene a cheaper version, possibility to negotiate andfermacell or OSB board - wind and vapour barrier - C24 timber structure - cable conduits for electrical wiring and open wall for plumbing. - fermacell board interior walls

  3. PVC window joinery - (large range of colours to choose from)

  4. External entrance door : - metal with internal insulation by Martom, type Nordic (large range of colours to choose from)

  5. Prefabricated or modular external attic walls: - thin-coat render - 100 mm mineral façade wool - fermacell or OSB board - windproofing - C24 timber fascia wall construction.

  6. Prefabricated or modular ground floor internal walls: - fermacell board - C24 timber construction - pessels for electrical installation and open wall for plumbing. - fermacell

  7. Ceiling: - lower flange of roof trusses (not slab-on-grade and not closed without insulation of floor and roof section and without materials related to these works

  8. Trussed roof truss: - C24 timber roof structure - roofing membrane - counter-battens and battens - roofing sheet from Blachotrapez type. Kingas (wide range of colours to choose from) - roof flashings - gutters and water pipes - roof and facade lining - assembly of roofing elements

  9. Assembly of prefabricated or modular elements

  10. Transport to site



  1. Plot with access to building site

  2. Adaptation of the project on a map for design purposes

  3. Construction without permit then only NOTIFICATION

  4. Construction with permission then obtaining planning permission

  5. Site manager on the part of the awarding authority

  6. Foundation for the building or foundation slab on the purchaser's side

  7. Installations, ventilation

  8. Flooring, floor installation

  9. Installation of ground floor or attic tiles

  10. White assembly

  11. Filling, painting of walls, ground floor or attic

  12. Development of the attic or loft

  13. Implementation of façade decoration or final plaster

  14. Insulation, soundproofing of ceiling and flat roof


The GOLBALUX House Factory builds foundations or ground slabs on request.

Making the foundation:

In single-family housing construction, reinforced concrete footings are the most common type of foundation. On the finished footings we erect concrete or brick foundation walls, sometimes also as basement walls. We then fill in the compacted sand and pour in a slab of so-called lean concrete.

Construction of the foundation slab:

In special situations where the soil on the plot has poor bearing capacity or is unstable, it is worth opting for the second option, the foundation slab. This is formed from reinforced concrete and ensures that the loads from the building are distributed over a much larger area.

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient house is a house that is cheap to run. When deciding on the technology to build a house, it is therefore worth paying attention to how much it will cost to maintain it, especially to heat it.

When designing energy-efficient houses in wood technology, architects very often give them an interesting and practical architectural shape and very good insulation. It turns out that a well-insulated house with mineral wool reduces the need for heat energy. This is due to heat gains from the sun and other appliances we have in the house. In Polish conditions, they are large enough to outweigh the additional heat losses through insolation. For this reason, large windows, glass extensions of various kinds, glazed conservatories and terraces are often designed on the south façade. If well designed, they can act as solar collectors directly heating the air in the house.


Interior design proposal for our energy-efficient prefabricated and modular houses

Interior design determines the character of the entire home. Appropriately selected accessories, furniture and colours will result in a calm and cosy interior design. Sometimes, even at the stage of choosing materials for interior design and decoration, we can create an initial, so to speak, outline of cosiness. Wood, for example, is a timeless material that optically warms the interior and is also delightfully robust and long-lasting. Also suitable are laminate flooring, carpet or soft coverings. Tiles or porcelain stoneware will make your interior feel cold, unless you opt for colours that are associated with cosiness.


Design and execution: Net Partners