Roof trusses | Design, Production, Assembly.

We offer a wide range of roof trusses and roof trusses by design.

Roof trusses are among the best and most popular building solutions on the market. They are an excellent replacement for traditional trusses. Strong and sturdy, they are particularly suitable for larger roofs and spans, allowing the number of support points to be reduced.

GOLBALUX is a leader among roof truss manufacturers in Poland. Our constructions are distinguished by their robustness and durability. We guarantee safety, stability and resistance to heavy loads. The high quality parameters of the trusses are achieved through an innovative production process.

We have a state-of-the-art production line where each component is designed by computer and then digitally transferred for further processing. Cutting, drilling, milling, marking and labelling on the individual components take place automatically. These activities are carried out by an innovative CNC joinery centre. The use of computer-assisted calculation technology and automated production means that our roof trusses are characterised by exceptional dimensional accuracy. This in turn translates into the robustness and strength of the entire roof.

The spikes are pressed in using a 30-tonne 'C' press .

We deliver complete, refined truss sets to the construction site. Assembly is limited to fast and efficient bolting together of the main components.


Design and execution: Net Partners