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Why a timber house?

Why choose a timber house - find out the list of unique benefits!

- Energy efficiency.

Thanks to innovative production technologies, we obtain timber with optimal thermal and strength properties. We have been using it successfully for many years in the construction of our houses. We protect the wall and roof construction with hard mineral wool, wind-barrier foil and a vapour barrier, which together form excellent thermal insulation. The walls of a timber-frame house do not accumulate heat energy - neither from inside nor from outside the building. This neutral barrier means that during the heating season, the air is only heated indoors. There is no loss of energy to heat the walls, which happens with masonry technology. In summer, on the other hand, the hot air does not penetrate inside the building. As a result, the heating costs of a wooden house are relatively low.

"House without bills"

The "House without bills" is an innovative model for combining elements based on renewable energy sources. Minimal energy intake from external suppliers or relying only on self-generated energy makes the house not only cheap to run, but also human and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, awareness of this type of solution is still not very high in Poland.

With proper building design, dispensing with the construction of a boiler room, fuel storage, chimney or gas connection, and designing a cheaper pitched roof, it is possible to build a modern house. The running costs of this building, related to electricity consumption, its heating, cooling, hot water preparation, use of an induction hob, will be about several hundred zloty per year.

An energy-efficient house is simply thinking about the future, not only ecologically, but also financially. By simply installing a 5 - 6 kW photovoltaic (PV) installation, we will achieve an energy-independent building that generates more energy from renewable sources in a year than it consumes. This is possible thanks to the use of an innovative model combining several elements based on renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and recuperation. The costs for heating, hot water, cooling and electricity consumption for the daily needs of the occupants of the plus-energy house come down to a fixed charge bill of only a dozen or so zloty a month.

More on the "House without bills" campaign

CO installation:


The modern and environmentally friendly DIGEL HEAT infrared light heating can be freely arranged according to your individual ideas. Technically, DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters are in any case true masterpieces.

Low investment costs

DIGEL HEAT heaters can be used wherever electricity is connected. Large investments in costly piping systems are not necessary.

Low operating costs

Electric heating is too expensive? Not true! Infrared heaters by DIGEL HEAT are so efficient that they are proven to pay for themselves.

No maintenance costs

Chimney sweep? Unnecessary. Expensive maintenance contract? Can be dispensed with. Tracking prices and organising oil or pellet supplies? Not with infrared heating.

Harnessing our own solar energy

Do you already have a photovoltaic installation for your roof? Then use it to heat your home. It's good for the environment and it pays off.

Well-being guaranteed

The warmth of infrared radiation is experienced as particularly pleasant. And the best part? There is no air turbulence or dust rising.

Replacement for storage heaters

Accumulator cookers are noisy, unhealthy and expensive. So swap them for infrared heaters.

Operational safety

All DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters comply with IP 54 and are thus protected against splashing water. The surface of the heater reaches a maximum temperature of 100℃ - burns are excluded.

Economical and convenient electric heating system for your home

DEVI underfloor heating

Everyone would like their home to be as comfortable as possible, the heating to be modern and the interior to be as original as possible.

Electric underfloor heating is very much in demand and is being chosen as the primary heating system in the home due to its benefits. The pleasure of walking on a warm floor is now becoming a standard available to everyone.

DEVI electric heating is a universal system, it can be installed in all types of rooms (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children's room, living room, etc.), under many types of floors (terracotta, porcelain stoneware, ceramic or stone tiles, carpet, etc.).

Low CO bills

Due to the low heat demand in energy-efficient buildings, heating systems with low investment costs have become particularly attractive. The purchase costs for electric underfloor heating are the lowest compared to other heating systems of comparable quality.

The low heat demand also results in low operating costs for most types of heating. By using electric heating, you can pay low bills. The prerequisite is that the system is selected to suit your individual needs. It should also be borne in mind that electricity is the only energy source for which you can pay half the price (2nd tariff).

A healthy system

Electric underfloor heating is by far the best solution for people suffering from respiratory ailments. The small temperature difference between the floor and the air does not cause strong air circulation. As a result, there is no dust in the room and the air is clean and healthy. As dust is not raised, it is not inhaled by allergy sufferers. Electric underfloor heating is the recommended system for allergy sufferers.

Get the ultimate in thermal comfort

With electric underfloor heating, the floor temperature is slightly higher than the room temperature. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire floor surface in accordance with the laws of physics.

ATLANTIC electric heaters

Atlantic will allow you to enjoy optimum thermal comfort in all circumstances.

It is a completely comfortable solution for all types of premises (new housing, modernisation, hotels, offices, shops, kindergartens, schools, etc.). It does not require a special room for storing fuel, there is no need to build a chimney, there is no danger of flue gas inhalation, no danger of gas explosion, no danger of the installation leaking or freezing. A significant advantage is the relatively low investment cost of the system and its operation. Comfortable temperatures are reached quickly, as almost 100% of the energy is converted into heat. There is no need for a piping system to connect the units, which carries a high energy loss. The installation and maintenance effort is also low. Ease of maintenance and concern for children's safety are further advantages. Compared to traditional energy sources (gas, oil, coal), it is an environmentally friendly system that emits little C02 into the atmosphere and can be generated by renewable energy sources. The electric system is the ideal solution for areas that are rapidly cooling down.

- Robustness and durability.

Contrary to stereotypes, timber houses are very durable in use. Thanks to the innovative processing carried out in our factory, the timber gains adequate fire resistance, does not succumb to strong external loads (e.g. storms, hurricanes) and rapid aging processes. The combination of excellent construction material and modern design methods makes our structures extremely strong, flexible and able to last for up to 200-300 years.

- A variety of projects.

We offer wooden houses with various types of facades: silicone plaster, mineral plaster, we also make wooden facades according to several technologies. We build on the basis of documentation provided by our Customers. We also offer ready-made catalogue houses from professional architectural studios, as a much cheaper and less time-consuming option compared to custom designs. We determine the detailed scope of work and type of materials during individual meetings. We offer advice and assistance, we are open to any remarks concerning our investments and we try to meet all requirements and needs of our Customers.

We also do designs for our clients - FREE of charge, in which case we can tailor the design to the necessary area of the house, and this is related to the potential actual construction costs. Nothing over the top. We will present and discuss everything in detail when you talk to our consultant. We invite you to make detailed arrangements and to visit our house factory.

Design of timber structures in the program

Dietrich's is a powerful CAD/CAM tool that is prepared to operate in a variety of areas and designed for a variety of applications. However, the main focus of the software remains unchanged - the design of timber structures. The name 3D CAD/CAM primarily suggests the ability to create spatial models of objects in this environment. The combination of the two CAD and CAM systems offers enormous design and production possibilities:

  • CAD - (Computer Aided Design) is a set of tools that helps the user to design, manage and process information about the structure being designed. Dedicated to the timber construction industry, it has many improvements for positioning or joining timber elements together. The creation of drawing or costing documentation also takes into account the specific characteristics of this branch of construction.
  • CAM - (Computer Aided Manufacturing) introduces to Dietrich's system the ability to translate the completed design into the language of numerically controlled machining centres. These machines are able to accurately reproduce the shape of the designed components. The whole process does not require the designer's intervention, only his supervision.

Such an extensive programme facilitates the work of both individual carpenters and factories prefabricating complex buildings. The wide range of applications makes it necessary to divide the system into parts so that it can be tailored to the customer's current needs.

- Short lead times.

We are able to build a house in a few to several weeks, thanks in part to the use of prefabricated components, including the roof trusses we manufacture. After construction, the house is ready to move into immediately. The completion time depends on the complexity and size of the block. Our timber-frame houses are built using the so-called dry technology. The construction work mainly consists of assembling the finished elements, which is possible at any time of the year, even in winter. The exception is the necessity to pour the foundations - this stage is carried out only in positive temperatures. Apart from the foundation, the construction of a timber house structure does not require any other earthworks or wet works (such as concreting, bricklaying), carried out only when the weather conditions are right.

- Health and comfort.

Wood is the most human-friendly building material. It has the ability to self-regulate humidity, thus creating a favourable microclimate in buildings that is impossible with other technologies. This natural material is also distinguished by its excellent acoustic properties (protects against noise) and high thermal insulation. The walls of a house made of wood do not get as cold as brick walls and are always pleasant to the touch.

- Functional design.

The lightweight, timber-framed form of the house reduces the size of the foundations and thus their price, which lowers the cost of the entire investment. This makes the construction of a timber house especially worthwhile when the plot requires costly stabilisation, e.g. when ground and water conditions are difficult. Another constructional advantage are external walls with a small thickness. This increases the usable area - up to 10 % - compared to brick buildings of the same size.

- Easy conversion and modernisation.

The many advantages of timber houses also include the ease of conversion. The lightweight, timber-frame construction lends itself to rapid modification. The originally small footprint can easily be extended, and there is no problem with replacing installations or converting to a new building function.

- Ecology and responsibility.

As a manufacturer of timber houses, we have always been committed to ecological technology based on the use of wood - a natural and renewable raw material. We carry out all production processes, including the innovative heat treatment, with minimum use of conventional energy. The human-friendly construction material makes our houses exceptionally healthy and pleasant to live in. Wooden buildings are associated with peace, tranquillity, nature, ecology and a material that is pleasant and warm to the touch. This is very important, given that we spend a great deal of time at home with our families and the living conditions have a very strong influence on our well-being, health and even life.

The wood used by our factory comes from the Bieszczady Mountains.


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