About us

Wooden house manufacturer

The GOLBALUX factory of wooden, energy-efficient houses was founded in 1994 by Mr. and Mrs. Mieczysław and Halina Golba. Today it is a large family enterprise.

We have been with our customers for more than 20 years, says the company's president. We are very experienced in building houses from wood. Our production is tradition in combination with modern technology. Specialised, innovative machinery and thermal wood processing allow us to create beautiful, healthy and warm houses. Their main advantage is their energy efficiency, which is linked to low maintenance costs of the house, and their solid, patented construction.

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  • hala produkcyjna domów drewnianych
  • hala produkcyjna domów drewnianych
  • hala produkcyjna domów drewnianych
  • hala produkcyjna domów drewnianych
  • dom z drewna

Offer of houses

We build energy-efficient houses made of timber on the basis of individual and ready-made projects to shell, closed or developer turnkey condition. Our houses are an excellent alternative to standard brick construction. Lower costs of construction and use, functionality and healthy microclimate make them comfortable to live in. Timber houses are also appreciated for their charming, original architecture and feeling of living in harmony with nature. We encourage you to take a look at our rich offer. We offer traditional houses with wooden elevation and more modern versions with silicone or mineral plaster elevation.

manufacture and installation of wooden houses

Building healthy, economical and attractive timber houses has been our speciality since 1994. Thanks to our invaluable experience and innovative technologies, we carry out the most demanding and complex projects. We have several installation teams operating throughout the country. We are happy to provide advice and expert assistance. By building with us, you will receive a guarantee of professional execution of every detail and an attractive price. We invite you to our company, which is located in Wiązownicy (podkarpackie voivodeship), for business talks and to see our show houses.


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