About the company

About us

The GOLBALUX energy-efficient timber house factory was founded in 1994 by Mr. and Mrs. Mieczysław and Halina Golba. Today it is a large family enterprise.

We have been with our customers for more than 20 years," says the company's CEO. We are very experienced in the construction of timber houses. Our production is tradition combined with modern technology. Specialised, innovative machinery and thermal wood processing allow us to create beautiful, healthy and warm houses. Their main advantage is energy efficiency, which is associated with low maintenance costs of the house, and a solid, patented construction.

Innovative manufacturing.

We have more than 4,000 m2 of production halls and almost 4 ha of warehouse and storage space. We have equipped the halls with the latest CNC carpentry centres with innovative systems for the prefabrication of houses. Cutting, drilling, milling, marking and scribing of all structural components takes place automatically. We achieve the highest quality in the cutting and construction of structural elements for walls, ceilings and roof trusses. Structural components are designed by computer and transferred digitally for further processing. The structural design software introduced provides a powerful CAD/CAM tool for various areas of application. 3D CAD/CAM is the creation of spatial models of objects. The combination of the two CAD and CAM systems offers enormous design and production potential. Such an extensive programme creates great opportunities in the prefabrication of the most complex buildings. The wide range of applications makes it possible to adapt to the customer's current requirements and needs. We have achieved an extraordinary speed of machined parts with complete flexibility and precision. This results in excellent lead times - previously unattainable - with obvious benefits for the end customer. Making wooden structures in the factory has a whole range of advantages. Machine production is very efficient and reduces labour costs.

One of the key systems in our factory is an innovative roof truss production line. Manufacturing on advanced, specialised machines guarantees dimensional accuracy and therefore even roof slopes. The structure has all nodes designed and calculated. The assembly time on site for the roof structure is very short.

We use high-quality materials at every stage of production, which are subject to inspection and certification.

Eco-friendly technology.

We use ecological technology based on a renewable material such as wood, with minimal use of conventional energy. The wood we use to build houses comes from the Bieszczady Mountains. The most important step in the preparation of the structural elements of a wooden house is thermal treatment. Thanks to it, the wood is professionally preserved and we gain comfort of use. This is very important because we spend half of our lives at home with our family and the living conditions have a very strong impact on our health. Wooden houses from GOLBALUX are human-friendly, solid and very durable. Built according to the highest carpentry art, they can last for up to 200-300 years.

Social responsibility.

GOLBALUX is known not only for its business activities, but also for its commitment to social and cultural life in the region. It sponsors many events for children and young people with sporting talents who take part in football tournaments: the Z PODWÓRKA NA STADION, TURNIEJ MARKA WIELGUSA. Each year, participation in these tournaments is confirmed by more than 1,000 teams. For many years the company has been associated with the GOLBALUX WIĄZOWNICA football club. Achievements include numerous successes of this sports club and promotions to higher competition classes. The club has brought up many talented footballers who continue their education in sports championship schools. The company helps make dreams come true for musically and athletically talented children and young people by organising visits to the Polish Parliament, the National Stadium and many other places in Poland and abroad.


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