Wood products

As a result of the project entitled: "Implementation of innovative technology for the construction and furnishing of houses made of waste wood glued spatially in the enterprise P.P.H.U. "GOLBALUX" Sp. z o. o.", the company has introduced a catalogue of new and significantly improved products to the enterprise's offer for the construction of timber houses and production of utility and visual equipment elements. In order to obtain very good quality, we have modernised production and its management, which has allowed us to increase production through the use of innovative machinery and equipment, in particular CNC machines. Precision machining and a high degree of accuracy in the production process have contributed to cost savings and significantly reduced the waste of production materials. There has now been a shift from the hitherto material-intensive production to an offering sought after by customers with higher quality parameters. The final product is made according to the latest technology on modern machinery and equipment.

New products introduced:

  1. New wall construction
  2. New ceiling construction.
  3. 40 mm thick timber interior half-ball with 8 mm and 4 mm glued cladding.
  4. Prefabricated glulam roof trusses
  5. Spatially glued roof trusses 6. Utility and visual components

Improved products:

  1. External charcoal for the side and corner walls of a timber house.



Design and execution: Net Partners