VERDE houses


VERDE 5P (with attic)
House 112.0 m2 construction area
Ground floor area 93.43 m2
Attic floor area 54.57 m2
Dimensions 8.0 x 14.0 m
PLN 247,000

VERDE 5P is a unique house project for the whole family with an attic area of 54.57m2. An optimal and inexpensive to build single-storey house with a ground floor area of 93.43m2. The living area is the kitchen and living room located in the centre of the house. Thanks to the use of energy-efficient materials, this is a proposal of a house cheap to run, while the large rooms on the ground floor and four rooms for use in the attic will certainly guarantee high comfort of everyday rest. This is a house for a large family.


Design and execution: Net Partners